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Having the exterior of your home washed on a regular basis is essential for both maintenance and appearance. When grime, algae, and other dirt grows, it makes your home look dull, unkempt, and unloved, and the surface can become weakened or damaged if these substances are not regularly removed. Additionally, if you’re looking to sell your home, having it professionally washed first will instantly improve the curb appeal, add value to your property, and help you make a faster sale. Whatever the reason is that you need your home washed, Oklahoma ProWash is here to give you first-class service. Our house washing in Tulsa OK gives the best result, the best customer service, and the best prices – give us a call today and take advantage of our quality work!

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Vinyl Siding

Your vinyl siding will be in top condition all year long with our professional and affordable house washing in Tulsa OK. You’ll never again have to worry about the algae and grime that ruins the appearance of your home, as we’ll get rid of it all safely and effectively.

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Brick house

Due to the weather, moss, and mold grow on your home’s brickwork. This moss and mold should never be ignored as, over time, they will spread and can deteriorate bricks and mortar, causing them to weaken and crumble. Our brick washing is the perfect solution to prevent these problems and keep the brick strong and healthy.

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Hardie Board

Your Hardie board home is in the safest hands with Oklahoma ProWash. Our specialist house washing for Hardie board completely removes all the algae, dirt, and other flaws while causing zero damage to the surface. You can come home every day to a clean home every day that you’ll love more than ever.

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Dangers of House Washing in Tulsa OK

While washing is essential for your home, it has to be done only by those who are qualified, trained, and have the right equipment. Your home’s exterior is more fragile than other surfaces such as paving or a driveway, and therefore, it cannot handle a high-powered pressure wash. This means that the companies or individuals who use high-powered washing end up causing water damage and other issues on the home. These companies must be avoided to protect your home. However, at Oklahoma ProWash, we exclusively use low-pressure washing (soft washing) for all our house washing in Tulsa OK to safely, gently, and effectively clean your home to an incredibly high standard. At Oklahoma ProWash, we are committed to cleaning your home to the highest standard possible while protecting it as if it were our own. 

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Frequently Asked Tulsa
House Washing Questions

No, so long as the correct pressure washing technique is used, which is low-pressure/soft washing, you will never have an issue and will instead gain the benefits. If you know of anyone who has had a bad experience with their home being washed, then we guarantee that the company or service used high-pressure washing, which is far too aggressive and can damage the exterior.

At Oklahoma ProWash, to ensure that your home is always 100% safe with our professional house washing in Tulsa OK services, we strictly use soft washing for all our work. This low-pressure washing method is the perfect way to gently remove all the algae and dirt from your home with no pressure and no risk of damage. Additionally, because we use biodegradable cleaning solutions, your home, landscape, and family are completely safe.

We recommend that you have your home washed on a yearly basis. Having it washed will make sure that your home always looks its best and is well maintained. It will stop algae and grime building up and will be hugely beneficial for your home.

To give you the best price possible, we offer free personalized quotes for anyone interested in our house washing in Tulsa OK services. All our quotes have the final price, and we never have any hidden fees or charges.

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