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Oklahoma ProWash is the area’s highest-rated company for roof cleaning in Tulsa OK, and we’re here to tell you how we’ve achieved it. To begin with, we are dedicated to not just delivering the results you expect but going far above and beyond your expectations, leaving you absolutely amazed at the difference we can make to your roof. We also prioritize customer satisfaction; therefore, we have incredibly high standards of customer service and aftercare. As well as these aspects, we also have very competitive prices and give everyone the lowest rates possible. Not to mention that we also offer a one-year roof cleaning warranty on all our jobs. We offer far more than any other company, and our standards are much higher with every part of our service. Oklahoma ProWash really is the only company you need for your roof maintenance in Tulsa OK.

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Algae, moss, and lichen can seriously deteriorate the surface of asphalt shingles. If these substances are left, they spread and damage the roof, causing broken tiles and roof leaks. Regular cleaning is the best way to keep your roof strong and prevent any costly repair bills. Our asphalt shingle cleaning is exactly what you need.

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If you’re fed up with seeing your roof tiles looking uncared for and discolored due to algae and mildew growing on the surface, then just give us a call. Our team of expertly trained technicians will safely and effectively clean your roof tile, leaving them looking better than ever. A clean roof also goes a long way to increasing the curb appeal of your home.

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Roof Cleaning

You’ll have the shiniest metal roof in your neighborhood after we have worked our magic. While metal roofing may be stronger than other materials, it’s still important that it is cleaned regularly so you can always keep it looking great and in the best condition. Our metal roof cleaning will save you time and hassle and give you fantastic results.

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At Oklahoma ProWash, we are experts at removing the algae, moss, lichen, and dirt that grows on your roof without ever putting your roof at risk of damage. Cleaning roofs is a specialist job which means you should only ever hire a professional, qualified, experienced, and insured company like us to guarantee a successful job. Unlike other companies that provide roof cleaning in Tulsa OK, we always use soft washing on every roof alongside powerful but eco-friendly cleaning detergents that are safe for your home and family. Our soft washing gets the job done to the highest of standards with zero pressure and zero damage. Our services are safe and professional, and you can be certain that your home is in safe hands with Oklahoma ProWash.

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If high pressure is used, then your roof can become damaged, or water leaks can occur. However, as long as low-pressure washing (soft washing) is used, then there is never any risk of this happening. Soft washing gently but effectively removes all the algae, moss, and grime from your roof with zero pressure or damage.

At Oklahoma ProWash, we only ever use soft washing for all our roof cleaning in Tulsa OK. Unfortunately, not every company will follow the correct methods and can cause great stress for the customer, but with us, you’ll never have a single problem with our work.

Because moss, algae, lichen, and other mildew are constantly building up on the surface of your roof due to the weather, it’s important that it’s removed regularly since these substances can damage the roof quite severely. So, for the best results, your roof should be cleaned for the best results once a year to keep it in top condition and algae-free.

We price all our work based on your job requirements. If you would like to get in touch with us online or by phone, we’ll be happy to take the necessary information and put together a free quote, personalized quote for our roof cleaning in Tulsa OK services.

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