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Since the windows are such a huge part of your home, it’s no surprise that they can have a big negative impact when they are dirty. Dirty windows spoil your view, they stop you from fully enjoying your home, and you can feel embarrassed about visitors seeing your home. However, with Oklahoma ProWash, you never have to experience any of these things again. We have the most professional and effective window cleaning services in Tulsa OK. Our team of experts will clean every last inch of both sides of your glass, leaving them gleaming in the sun. We guarantee smear-free results that will allow you to enjoy your view from every room and feel confident any time you have a visitor drop by. Give us a call today to hear more about our affordable and high-quality window cleaning in Tulsa OK.

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Your home’s windows will be positively gleaming after our team has finished their work. We carefully and effectively clean both sides of the glass on every window at your home, leaving them completely smear-free and shining in the sun. Your view will be better than ever, and you can save the time and hassle of trying to do the job yourself again. We also take care of screen washing and track cleaning if required.

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Clean windows at your commercial property are one of the best ways to give off a great impression to visitors, customers, and other guests. It’s important for your business that your windows are cleaned professionally and regularly, so give us a call and see how much our skilled team at Oklahoma ProWash can improve the appearance of your commercial property.

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Gone are the days of us having to scale ladders trying to reach several stories. Nowadays, we use water-fed poles with pure water to safely reach up to three stories. Our water-fed poles leave a perfect, smear-free finish like never before. We can tackle large homes and most commercial properties with our specialist equipment.

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Insured and Professional Window Cleaning in Tulsa OK

Of course, when you have anyone at your home to do any type of work, you want to know beforehand that you are using a safe and reliable company. No one wants to deal with the stress that comes from inadvertently hiring an untrusted or unlicensed company. One of the best parts of using Oklahoma ProWash is that you can be certain your home is safe with us. We are fully licensed and insured for all our window cleaning in Tulsa OK. We carry a one million dollar liability insurance for extra safety. Our team is full of qualified and skilled workers, and we are nothing less than professional. Additionally, because we use water-fed poles rather than ladders, we never have to rest anything against your property, thus making it even safer.

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Frequently Asked tulsa Window Cleaning Questions

At Oklahoma ProWash, we use a mix of traditional cleaning methods and more modern technology to ensure the best results. For the lower windows, we use a squeegee with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. For higher windows, we use a water-fed pole with pure water that gives a perfect smear-free finish.

Due to the fact that we use water-fed poles, we can safely go up to three stories high while still delivering the same incredible results. The water fed poles also mean we never have to rest ladders against your property.

The majority of our customers have their windows cleaned every four to six weeks. However, it is up to your personal preference. Whatever schedule you want to set for our window cleaning in Tulsa OK is no problem as we’ll always work around your lifestyle.

The price of the work we do is based on the size of the job. If you would like to get a free, no-obligation quote for our professional and affordable window cleaning in Tulsa OK, then just give us a call, and we’ll be glad to help.

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