Gutter Brightening and House Wash

Gutter Brightening and House Wash 1
Gutter Brightening and House Wash 1

This gutter brightening and house wash project consisted of cleaning up about 150’ of gutters that had collected quite a bit of organic growth. We also softwashed the metal siding on the customer’s 2 outbuildings that were green from years of mildew and other organic matter.

Gutter Brightening and House Wash 6
Gutter Brightening and House Wash 2

What Is Softwashing?

Many companies (including us here at Oklahoma ProWash) use the term pressure washing or powerwashing. However in recent years, the exterior cleaning industry has actually moved away from using high pressure to clean and maintain residential and commercial siding. The reason for this is because damage can occur to the siding in several different ways; from breaking and cracking to exposing oxidized sections of the siding.

The alternative to pressure washing is the process known as softwashing. At Oklahoma ProWash, we use a custom blend of biodegradable solutions and surfactants to treat each property. This solution breaks the bond of the dirt and organic growth from the siding, roof, and even concrete surfaces, while at the same time treating the mildew and organic matter. The solution is allowed to dwell for 10-15 minutes on the surface and is then rinsed off and diluted.

Gutter Brightening and House Wash 3
Gutter Brightening and House Wash 4
Gutter Brightening and House Wash 5

Gutter Brightening – Before & After

These building and gutters were left sparkling new after we finished! The customer was extremely satisfied which is what we aim for each and every time we are on the job. Let us know how we can help on your next exterior cleaning and pressure washing project. We would be glad to provide you with an amazing customer experience!

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