House Wash and Oxidation Removal

House Wash and Oxidation Removal 1
House Wash and Oxidation Removal 1

The owner of this two-story home in Broken Arrow used their own pressure washer with a high-pressure tip to clean their house. Unfortunately, due to the age of the vinyl siding, there was a layer of oxidation present. The oxidation was removed unevenly, leaving behind marks that resembled the scribbling of a pencil.

Oxidation can be detected by rubbing your hand along the surface of the siding, appearing as a chalky substance. It is caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and oxygen. The best way to treat oxidation is to leave it alone, using a low-pressure house wash to remove mildew, algae, dirt, and other particles. However, in this case the oxidation had been disturbed in some areas and needed to be addressed.

House Power Washing Cost

The house first needed a normal house wash. We applied our low pressure, high volume solution to remove the surface dirt and mildew. This process is safe for the home because holes cannot be punched in the siding by the pressure of the water. The gutters also needed brightened, so we applied our gutter solution with a soft bristled brush and allowed it to dwell 2-3 minutes before rinsing.

House Power Washing Cost

After the house wash, it was time for the oxidation removal. Using a solution manufactured by EaCo Chem called Cleansol BC, we applied the mixture with our downstream injection system. This process also uses low pressure to apply safely. The manufacturer recommended applying the product to a wet surface, allow a 5-10 minute dwell time, and apply and dwell again before rinsing.

House Wash and Oxidation Removal 2

As you can see, the oxidation was removed evenly and perfectly. The finished product was a clean, blemish-free exterior and another satisfied customer. 

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